Ladbrokes Poker Launches Anonymous Tables

Ladbrokes Poker Launches Anonymous Tables

Ladbrokes Poker Launches Anonymous TablesLadbrokes Poker has become the first online poker room in the world to introduce anonymous tables – an innovation so ground-breaking that we expect plenty of players who aren’t already with Ladbrokes will choose to sign up just to take advantage of it. As the term suggests, anonymous tables allow players to sit down and play poker in complete anonymity, so nobody will know who you are and you won’t know who your opponents are either!

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Sitting down to play at the anonymous tables at Ladbrokes Poker means that none of your opponents will know what to expect from you. If your regular alias is well known (be it for your exceptional playing skills, your tendency to bluff more often than you should or for any other reason) then it is likely that at least a few players will have notes on you that allow them to adjust their style accordingly. Anonymous tables render such notes (or even mental ones) useless, because every time you sit down at one you will be assigned an anonymous alias that even poker tracking software won’t be able to crack.

As well as enabling online poker players to play quite unfettered by any reputation that they have previously established, anonymous tables also give you the opportunity to experiment with new approaches without affecting the way people think about your main alias.

For example, if you think that you might benefit from being much more aggressive than usual, never remaining in a hand unless you bet or raise, you can try that approach out at anonymous tables to see how it goes. Or you might like to try other techniques, such as slow playing to deliberate trap your opponents or playing looser and bluffing more regularly than you usually would. If the approach proves ineffective then your main reputation won’t be damaged one bit, but if you find that it helps you make more money you can then start using it at non-anonymous tables if you want to do so.

All anonymous tables are indicated by an A icon in the Ladbrokes Poker lobby, so you will be able to find them just as easily as you can currently find any other kind of table. Our advice is to visit Ladbrokes Poker and give the anonymous tables a try – they just might be the thing that help you take your online poker performance to the next level.

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