Best Poker Hands & Poker Rankings

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Best Poker Hands & Poker Rankings

Ever wondered what are the best poker hands to have. Or what poker hands beat each other. Check out our poker hand rankings below for a complete guide to all poker hands available in texas holdem poker.

Rest assured that these poker hands are universal. That means they do not change from country to country or No limit poker too Pot limit poker. These poker hand rankings are recognised worldwide as the only poker hands available in the game of poker.

Poker hands are ranked from Best hand "Royal Flush" down to worst hand "High Card".

Royal flush
The best poker hand you can get and the one hand every poker player deams of catching. A royal flush.
royal flush
Straight flush
The second best hand in poker and a dream poker hand to be holding, straight flush.
Straight Flush Poker Hands
Four of a kind
3rd Best poker hand and very rare to catch, but will win pretty much any pot.
4 of a kind Poker hand
Full House
A good solid strong hand a Full House, but just be careful of a Higher Full House.
Full House Poker hand Rankings
Stronger than alot of people give it credit for a Flush.
A flush poker hand
Always be careful of a higher straight or flush hitting. But a good solid poker hand.
Straight poker ranking
Three of a kind
3 of a kind can earn you a fortune if caught early and slow played to perfection.
3 of a kind poker rankings
Two Pairs
Another hand that is underrated. 2 Pairs is usually pretty strong. Just beware of slow players still calling your raises.
2 pairs Best Poker hands
One Pair
A scarey hand to play one pair can cost you big.
Poker hands One Pair
High Card
The last chance saloon in the rankings of best poker hands to have. High Card.
Poker hands High card

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