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Playing Limit Holdem After the Flop Against Weak Players

Sat 10 June 2017 Playing Limit Holdem After the Flop Against Weak Players

It's relatively easy to play well before the flop, especially against bad players. However, playing well after the flop is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a poker player and the better the players, the harder it will be. Part of what makes it so hard is that there are no rules set in concrete. There are countless variables that go into it and enough examples can't be found to prepare you for every situation. Some of the things you have to consider are how many players are at the table, how many are in the hand, did anyone raise and if so what do they usually raise with, are they weak players who call anything, can you bluff them, will they try to bluff you, etc, etc. All of these factors must be considered and with experience you will understand this and be able to change your game to fit the situation. That is what very good players do, change how they play to best take advantage of the players they are against. But, before you do that, you must beat bad players first and slowly work your way up and learn.

Against good players you must disguise your hands but against weak players who call way more than they should you don't have to play a tricky game. So, if you don't flop anything, don't pay for the next card. This is more important as there are more people in the hand. If it is just you and one other person, ace high may win. But, with 6 other people in the hand, you will need good cards to win. Anything less than top pair is useless. That means you should fold unless you have top pair (a pair with the highest card on the board), 2 pairs, 3 of a kind or an opened straight draw or a flush draw. Most often you will find yourself against at least 3 other players in weak games so unless you have good cards you should be folding.

There are cases where it may be profitable to the the turn card but we will get more into that later when we take a look at pot odds and how to calculate the profitability of a play. For now, following those simple guidelines will allow you to be successful in the long term. It can make for a long day of folding when your cards go bad but it will make sure you have money to win it all back and more the next day. I have often went an hour or two without winning a hand but all it takes is one or two wins and I'm ahead. One of the main adages in poker is that aggressive players will beat weak players - against good players it's better to raise than to call. This is because you have 2 ways to win.

Firstly you can win by having better cards and secondly you can win by getting the other person to fold even though they had you beat. Against bad players this is not the case. Bad players usually don't fold. Playing aggressively against them can be good but the recommended way is to play weak and tight. This means that you don't bet with marginal hands and you don't raise before the flop very often. I like to let as many of them see the flop as I can because I will have much better cards then them on average. I feel like raising encourages them to fold before the flop because they may be scared of being raised after they call. That isn't what you want in the long term. As for playing marginal hands, for instance you have a pair of jacks with an ace on the board, you should usually just fold.

The same goes if you have an ace with a king and you don't get a pair. In an aggressive game with only one or two players in the hand with you, you may raise all the way and play aggressively. With poor players, they will not fold and raising all the way to the end with ace king and no pair will prove to be very expensive. Basically, you should only be betting with good or very good hands and you shouldn't be raising before the flop very often, maybe only with aces and with kings. These are very general rules that are good for the kind of weak, loose games that are seen on most lower limit tables on the internet. If you are in a game where there is usually 4 to 6 people who see the flop and there is almost always a showdown at the end, playing by these rules will work well and be very profitable in the long term.

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